Double Glazing And Single Glazing The Difference

Do you know the difference between double glazed windows and single glazed? Can you tell whether you need double glazing or single glazing? It is a fact that you would have come across different ideas about double glazing. There are different double glazing companies offering the services. It would be better if we make the difference clear. You need to identify this difference. In this article, I shall tell you the distinct points of double glazing and how it’s different from single glazing.

Double glazing

In single glazing, there is one pane of glass while in double glazing there are two. A small gap separates these panes, which are termed as a spacing system. The glazing experts fill this gap with a form of an inert gas like argon. This process is beneficial for the thermal efficiency of your window if we compare it with single glazing.

Inert gases are used in double glazing because they do not conduct heat. It is beneficial for homeowners and a suitable temperature.

How to tell if your window is single or double glazed

People employ one of these two conventional methods to tell the difference between single or double glazing. You can use one for the purpose.

  • For checking with method one, you must have a look at the inside edge of your window. If there are two panes of glass and there is a small space to separate them, then it is a double glazed window. If there is only one pane with no spacing system, then it will be single glazed. In this way, you may tell the difference.
  • In another method, you should open the window. Now use your finger to touch the window at both sides at the same place. Now check the distance between your fingers. If they are nearer, then the window is single glazed, but if there is a distance, then they may be double glazed.

You may consult an expert service if you need help. He may tell you if you need single glazing or double glazing.

There are different companies that offer window glazing service with affordable pricing plans. You should make up your mind before going for any window glazing in your home. You should do all the process after you get real insights.

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