How to Remove Knotweed

Do you understand the implied disadvantages of Japanese knotweed? Do you want to remove it in some simple and secure methods? Though there are numerous methods to remove Japanese knotweed and knotweed specialist may advise you about Japanese knotweed removal. It is the fact that this herb implies some disadvantages to your plantations. So often, the people are searching for ways to get rid of this poisonous herb. Here are some methods to remove it.
Injecting the stem
If you don’t want to disturb the plants around the knotweed, the best and low impact method is stem injection. You have no risk of effects on the plants growing around it. You may use it for knotweed smaller areas and when you want to protect your plants around it. If the knotweed is growing near a watercourse, you may use it. It is the best method for dry weather conditions, and you don’t want to disturb the soil.
Spray method
You may use a foliar spray method for Japanese knotweed removal. It is the recommended method, along with the stem injection method. You may spray the knotweed to treat it for a more extended period and many seasons. You may spray the knotweed two or three times for the first year and once every following year. You must use a recommended and certified spray for the purpose and use it in dry weather conditions to get long-lasting results.
Wiping method
In this method, we wipe the leaves with a sponge. We soak the sponge in herbicides and then wipe the leaves. This method is considered a low impact technique that does not disturb the surrounding foliage. The size of the area is an essential consideration in this respect.
Stockpiling method
This method is a combination of two techniques. First, we perform stem injection, and then we excavate the underground material. We remove the soil and place it in a different area where we apply herbicides. In this way, we quickly remove the knotweeds, and we may be in no need for several seasons. In this way, we may build plots, and development work is never delayed.
Cell burial
This process is suitable for areas where their larger space is available. In this way, you may avert the cost of transporting soil and waste to landfills. With the cell burial method, you may dump the knotweed to a maximum depth.

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