Important things about free boiler grant

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Do you know who can get a free boiler grant? It is a fact that the boiler grants are helping people to get access to more energy efficient boiler s and heat up their home with the modern energy efficient boilers. In this article I shall provide an insight into different aspects of new boiler grants.
Who can get free boiler
This scheme is open to homeowners and private tenants who are in receipt of certain benefits may apply for free boiler grants. If you are on rented property and you need to replace your boiler but are unable to get one, you should look into guides for boiler scheme. You may find local heating engineers and compare their competitive quotes for replacing the boilers. In this way you may get the best pricing and through a finance deal you may get a new boiler on monthly installments.
If you are a homeowner or a private tenant you may avail this opportunity. But in case of tenancy you should get permission from your land lord first. If you are getting specific benefits and meet the eligibility criteria that is very strict. If you are a pensioner you should be getting pension guarantee credit. You cannot go along with the state pension. If you are living on child benefits you will have to give answers to certain questions about your living conditions. There is an eligibility criterion for each category.
Big six energy providers
The big six energy providers are funding this eco grant scheme. The companies are in risk of fines if they don’t reduce carbon emission in their products. They should meet the energy emission targets. They have predetermined obligations to provide support for the purpose and become a part of ECO scheme.
It does not matter your boiler is condensing or not, you may apply for free boiler grant.
Insulation grants
Insulation grant is also part of ECO scheme. It helps the lower income households to reduce the energy costs and heating bills. The boiler grant process may take 2 to 3 months. It depends on the energy company that carries on the boiler grant installation. The grant is totally free of any costs and you need not pay back the money. It is relatively a simple and straightforward process that you may go for. There is a lot of information on the internet about the process.