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How to Remove Knotweed

Do you understand the implied disadvantages of Japanese knotweed? Do you want to remove it in some simple and secure methods? Though there are numerous methods to remove Japanese knotweed and knotweed specialist may advise you about Japanese knotweed removal. It is the fact that this herb implies some disadvantages to your plantations. So often, […]

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Growth cycle of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is one of the most dreadful and dangerous species of plants that can be found in UK. They grow really strong really fast and their roots can penetrate as far as 3 to 7 meters. It is a really dangerous plant as it can cause damage to house foundation, drainage system and the […]

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Japanese knotweed battle for a community garden in Northamptonshire

Anne Maynard is a fond gardener who loves growing vegetables and garlic at a plot in the Northampton community garden. Due to the excessive growth of Japanese knotweed in the area of the community garden, the garden applied for a large amount of money to use pesticides to eradicate the invasive species. Anne Maynard was […]

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